About Art of Sacred Living

My business evolved from my love of art, drawing and painting and over the many years. Immersing myself in my creativity I have found wonderful ways of moving through all sorts of challenges and difficult times in my life. This included creating and yoga each day. Sometimes it was just a collage or a few words of inspiration, other days it was the paint and canvas. 

Art Therapy is exploring and expressing feelings when you can't find the words. You do not have to be 'good' at art to participate in Art Therapy.

Intuitive art expression is a great way to see more clearly so that you can find your path when you feel a little lost or off track. Visioning and just seeing more clearly, getting things out of your head and to paper. Getting in touch with your true feelings around events and being on purpose. Also a great way to find inspiration.

In my workshops we bring an open mind your cup of tea of wine and start with a little ritual or meditation and then express onto the paper, canvas or journal.

My clients have expressed how this is so relaxing and heart opening even empowering.

Connect to your innate Creative Wisdom